INDONESIA :Sewer Network Project in Medan

    Medan is located in Sumatra island and the
    4th biggest city in Indonesia. Population is exceeding 2million peoples.
    Sewer network is highly demand and inevitable infrastructure in Medan. Congested Medan is no longer accept conventional Open cut method so Micro tunneling method was applied. 

    Machine Specification
    Dimensions of shield

    Unclemole TCC800 
    Outer Diameter : 980mm
    Length : 2592mm
    Weight : 4800mm
    CrushableCobbleDiameter : 320mm

    Unclemole TCC 800 is probably the best slurry boring machine to fit with Medan soil condition. Customer worried about sudden squall in that area, Iseki provide water tight lock door to prevent from flood into the machine.

    Soil characteristics

    Soil characteristics in Medan varies from silty sand to gravely with sand.Sometime we found cobble zone as well.  Unclemole can cope with varius soil condition such as sticky clay, sand, silt, gravel and cobble as well. Iseki Supervisor support local contractor, who challenges micro tunneling project very first time, and train them how to control machine as well as manage entire tunneling process. Thanks for their enthusiasm to learning new technology, customer had become confident in controlling machine. Customer arranged 2 shift teams and achieve almost 20m per day progress at the best record day.


    Project Name : Medan City Sewers Link ProjectJacking  Length : 4km
    Soil Data : Silt, Sand, Gravel and Cobble
    Construction Period : Jun 2019- May 2020