Philippines Manila metropolitan Area Water pipe installation project

    Water and sewage projects are outsourced to private companies in the Manila metropolitan area. It has been a long time since the water and sewer pipes were laid, and the laid pipes have deteriorated over time. A water and sewer pipe replacement project is planned.Initially the project was designed by Open cut method.However, due to the traffic situation in Manila in recent years, the construction has been changed to a Trenchelessmethod because it may cause further traffic congestionwhen construction is performed.It is possible to minimize the negative impact on traffic, which is a feature of Trenchless work. In the future water supply and sewerage business, Trench less construction will be the main construction method.

    Unclemole TCK1200 Dimensions of shield

    Outer diameter : 1350mm
    Length : 3315mm 
    Weight : 13.3t 
    Crushable Cobble diameter : 480mm


    Project Name :Manila Water pipe installation project
    Pipe type : Steel pipe I.D.1200mm   Length 3m
    Soil Data : Silt            N value=1~3
    Construction Period : Jun 2019- May 2020